The Lowcountry Innovation Center

The Lowcountry Innovation Center, located at 1535 Hobby Street, is our answer to the demand for a new type of work environment - one that meets the needs of the “Knowledge-Based Worker.” We have successfully created a work community that places highly skilled individuals from different fields in an environment that fosters interaction and collaboration.  Our goal is to offer higher quality workspace at lower overall costs with a more convenient location.

The Lowcountry Innovation Center is a historic 40,000 square foot renovated structure located at the former Navy Yard in North Charleston, South Carolina. Spaces are tailored to accommodate knowledge-based companies in a variety of offices from as large as 8800 square feet to as small as an individual office of 100 square feet. We accommodate start-ups, remote workers, flex-staff arrangements, as well as larger organizations. Creating a variety of environments for all phases of development in a company's life cycle adds to the feeling of community.

The Lowcountry Innovation Center is a place for people to meet and exchange ideas, enjoy a cup of coffee, and interact with people outside of their company. It's also a place to learn from those around you.

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